"Find something your're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

- Julia Child -

I have inherited the passion for baking from my grandmother. She spent her whole life in the kitchen and baked and cooked for her family and friends. These memories mean a lot to me. 

Baking is more than just a hobby - baking is my therapy, I forget everything around me, I am in my little world, in my baking world...

2018 was not my year. I was not feeling well and I just wanted to be alone. Until I started baking. I have also began to post my cakes and pastries on Instagram. 

I felt happy again.

But not only baking itself became a big part of my life but also searching for new recipes and inspirations. I love to spend time in bookshops to have a look for the latest bake- or cookbooks.

While travelling I always try to visit the local bakeries and cafés.
It is already part of my travel preperation to know where to go.

I am addicted to baking and I would like to share this with you.